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Water Services

Reducing your business water costs

Over the next few years, the UK will see a dramatic economic impact on water supply and waste through industry deregulation.

By looking to reduce wastage and better understand your requirements before going to tender, you will ensure that your organisation gets a service that goes beyond supply and only pays for what it needs.

How can we help you with your water strategy?

We provide a full consultancy and brokerage service for our clients both for specific projects or on an ongoing basis. Our specialist water team already provides a variety of solutions to support organisations in managing water procurement and efficiency.

In addition to helping to reduce costs, we help you to identify opportunities to decrease water consumption and improve overall efficiency.

It’s worth noting here, that the benefits of adopting this approach go way beyond simply cutting costs – a carefully considered water strategy can help you to comply with current and future legislation, reduce your carbon footprint, improve environmental performance and generate positive PR.

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Business Water Audits

If you’re not sure where to start, then why not ask us to conduct a desktop audit to review your current charges, identify anomalies in your billing and highlight any opportunities to reduce wastage and costs. If there are potential leaks, we’ll even arrange an on-site inspection and organise repairs.

Our team can also make recommendations to ensure that you are on the most suitable tariff for your site(s), taking into consideration any projected changes to your operations.

Water Procurement

Did you know that your business could be eligible to switch water supplier? Following deregulation of the English water market in April 2017, businesses now have greater choice when it comes to water.

If you're looking to negotiate a better deal, or simply want to re-evaluate your options in order to improve the service you are receiving then speak to our team today. We’ll work with you to prepare a water procurement strategy and manage the tendering process on your behalf.

Our specialist team have already negotiated one of the first UK-wide supply contracts for one of our well known multi-site clients, reducing the direct cost of their water services and consolidating all invoicing to one, consolidated, monthly bill.

Water Management and Efficiency 

By introducing water management solutions you could realise future savings, minimise wastage and improve water efficiency.

Whether it’s utilising Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology to monitor consumption, or the harvesting and recycling of rainwater or greywater, you could benefit from our knowledge and expertise. We’ll recommend and project manage the survey, design, supply and installation of appropriate technologies for new builds, refurbishment or retrofit.

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