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Energy & carbon management

Energy & carbon management

It’s likely that you’re already aware that there is considerable potential to save energy and reduce costs by adopting an integrated energy strategy. Rising energy prices, climate change legislation and the need to be environmentally responsible - all require effective energy management. 

Managing your energy and carbon

If you know where and how you’re using your energy, you can make better decisions and make your energy work harder for you.

We put our energy into managing yours - providing you with the tools and expertise you need. Energy and carbon management is all about knowledge, so by helping you to make sense of the facts and figures, you can make better decisions and make your energy work harder for you.

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energy and carbon reporting

Reviewing, monitoring and forecasting your energy consumption and costs is something we can help you with step by step, both in individual buildings and across entire portfolios. Your smart meter data will be turned into meaningful reports to help you to manage energy most effectively.

on-site energy audits

To identify areas for improvement, you’ll need to know what to look for – and that’s where we can help. Our team of accredited energy management consultants can provide on-site assessments to identify real and quantifiable energy saving opportunities.

training programmes

If you’re looking to implement energy saving initiatives throughout your organisation, you’ll require support from all energy users. We offer bespoke training packages to help educate and motivate your employees.

outsourced energy manager

You could opt for a fully outsourced approach and have one of our chartered energy managers embedded within your business for an agreed number of days each month. They’ll work alongside you to fulfil projects - from creating an energy policy, to implementing your energy savings plan and supporting carbon reduction initiatives.

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For more information on how we help our clients with energy & carbon management, take a look at our case studies.

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