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Data services

Data Services

There’s no question that businesses can more easily manage costs by aggregating and analysing their energy and water data. By utilising our tools to help you translate your data into a meaningful and considered approach, you could improve your overall performance across the procurement and management of your utilities.

How can we help you in managing data?

Many organisations experience difficulties with estimated billing, meter faults and the incorrect application of tariffs - making the processing and payment of utility bills a struggle. We’ve worked with many organisations that lack the internal resources to validate invoices prior to payment and were therefore completely unaware of overpayments they’d made to their energy and water suppliers.

Our specialist billing team is responsible for a range of data-based solutions that help our clients to understand their consumption better in order to reduce costs. We’ll help you to collate data that will strengthen your energy and water management strategy and deliver real results for your bottom line.

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Invoice Validation

Our specialist billing team can validate your utility invoices giving you the peace of mind that you are only paying for the energy and water that you use.

Our team use some of the most advanced software available for energy management and utility bill validation, performing over 50 separate checks on your invoices – we’ve saved clients’ over £1 million through invoice investigation in the last 12 months alone.

Energy Reporting

Your data profile can be used to examine consumption in order to identify exceptions, general wastage and other opportunities for efficiency, as well as for invoice reconciliation and tenant billing.

Our suite of tools and reports help our clients to maximise the benefits of their data, some of which are available on our exclusive client portal

Historical Cost Recovery Audits

Our comprehensive cost recovery audits cover up to 6 years of your electricity, gas and water charges (including third party charges) to identify and recover overpayments from your suppliers.

By liaising with suppliers on behalf of our clients, refunds, rebates, credits and/or rate reductions are secured where appropriate.

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For more information on how we can help organisations like yours, please take a look at some of our resources and case studies.

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