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Inprova Energy invest in staff training to support businesses in attaining ISO 50001 accreditation

Posted by Inprova Energy on 28 September, 2017

Inprova Energy have invested further time and resource in training staff as ISO 50001 Lead Auditors - broadening the expertise of the business. 

ISO 50001 is the international standard to establish company best practice within energy management, providing a framework to put policies and processes in place to use energy more efficienctly. The standard has many benefits including demonstrating environmental leadership, gaining valuable insight, providing year-on-year cost reductions and can even be used as a route to compliance for schemes such as the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). 

An organisation can apply and work towards ISO 50001 themselves, or they can use a qualified Lead Auditor. Using a Lead Auditor is beneficial if your organisation is limited on time and resource, providing an expert to support you throughout the accredication process.


"As third party costs are inevitably increasing year on year, energy efficiency solutions such as ISO 50001 are key in controlling your organisations energy spend. Becoming a Lead Auditor means I can now support organisations through the accredication process, helping them to control costs and become more sustainable." says Rob Leak, Lead Auditor at Inprova Energy.

He continues "Although it is not mandatory, I urge businesses to consider the benefits of ISO 50001. Remember the standard is for organisations of all sizes and where time and resource are limited, qualified Lead Auditors are available to provide support."

"In this dynamic industry, it's imperitive we invest in our staff in order to deliver excellence in customer service and expertise" says Michael Dent, MD at Inprova Energy. "We understand that energy efficiency is becoming integral to organsiations large and small across the UK - investing in training such as this, means we can continue to support our clients through every aspect of energy management."

Want to know more about ISO 50001? Download Inprova Energy's free eGuide for further information.Dow