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Industries: education

Industry expertise: education

Schools, colleges and universities across the country are dealing with rising costs and limited operating budgets. We understand the unique challenges faced by this sector and continue to be the trusted supplier to educational institutions, large and small. Currently, we’re coaching over 150 educational establishments in the art of energy management, water efficiency and on-site generation.

How are we reducing costs for schools, colleges and universities?

proven track record in education

You can rely on our expertise to reduce risk, free-up capital for reinvestment and help gain control of your expenditure and operations. Our procurement team delivers a tailored service, saving our clients time and giving them optimum control over their energy contracts.

utilising data to spot inefficiencies

Utilising data to spot inefficiencies and streamline processes, our teams are working closely with many educational establishments to better understand their energy usage, identifying opportunities for them to reduce costs at the same time as improving environmental performance.


advice on all areas of utility management

Whether you’re looking to increase your purchasing power through group purchasing or to develop a plan for utilising renewable generation, our proactive team has the experience to help you meet your goals. We’re even supporting the education sector in getting ahead with water management to benefit from the approaching deregulation in the water industry.

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