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industries: commercial real estate

industry expertise: commercial real estate

Energy use is the single largest operating expense in commercial office buildings, representing approximately one-third of typical operating budgets and accounting for almost 20 percent of the nation’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

how are we supporting property managers in commercial real estate?

utilising consumption data to manage buildings

We’re supporting property managers in utilising consumption data to manage buildings, so that they are always in complete control of their costs and building comfort. With increasing carbon regulations, our specialist team can help you to understand and act on current and future compliance requirements such as the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and ESOS.

supporting renewable energy schemes

Benefits of adopting a greener approach can include increased operating efficiency in facilities, enhanced property values, improved tenant satisfaction and retention, and great community and shareholder relations – so why not get started today!


implementing simple and effective energy saving measures

By implementing simple and effective energy saving measures and controls strategies across your estate, you can make significant contributions to your bottom line. Our specialist team will work directly with you to develop a plan that addresses energy and water procurement, utilisation and production (including renewable resources).

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asra Housing Group

“Inprova Energy has taken control of the process from start to finish and has provided a very high standard of service. We were impressed right from the outset with the meticulous approach Inprova Energy adopted during the tender process. This forward-thinking approach has continued throughout the implementation of our energy contracts and has not only resulted in significant savings through the group contract arrangement and refunded VAT and CCL payments, but has also given us the confidence that we are now being correctly charged.

Not only has Inprova Energy helped to reduce the workload on our accounts department, which receives lots of bills, but our dedicated client lead has continued to be extremely helpful with any queries we have for various sites. I have been impressed by Inprova Energy's desire to build a long term relationship with the group.

We really look forward to continuing our working relationship with them”.

Group Facilities Manager, asra Housing Group

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Highdorn Property Management

"The Freshwater Group have been clients of Team Analysis and now Inprova Energy for a number of years, firstly to negotiate our gas supply contract for over sixty sites all over the country, and later for electricity contracts, half hourly, large sites, and finally for over 700 electricity accounts on a National basis.

The service that has been provided has always been of the highest standard; all the representatives of the company have been highly knowledgeable and professional which has resulted in extensive savings, sometimes in very difficult markets, as has been the case over the last few years.

Recently the Group decided, after extensive discussions with Inprova Energy, to sign a variable price agreement, rather than a fixed price agreement, for our gas supplies. Once again, Inprova Energy have been most helpful for us to make this decision, which we are confident will result in additional savings. Finally, what is most important to us, Inprova Energy are always available to provide impartial advice and assistance for all energy queries that we may have."

Manager Central Audit Unit, Highdorn Co. Ltd

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    "I appreciate the care and expertise that has gone into supporting London Borough of Lewisham in the development of a business case for investment in large scale renewable generation.

    I am very happy with the output, particularly given the short turn around period that we had."

    Sustainable Resources Group Manager, London Borough of Lewisham



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