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Get ready for ESOS Phase Two – how to comply [Infographic]?

Posted by Inprova Energy on 11 September, 2017

It’s important to comply with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), not only as it’s mandatory for those who meet the qualification criteria, but it can also decrease energy costs – often a large part of an organisation's spend.  

With the government committed to cutting the UK's CO2 emissions, it's crucial for organisations to start addressing their energy efficiency. ESOS will identify energy saving opportunities, which when implemented can help increase energy efficiency and cut costs - saving on average 20% of an organisations energy spend.

If your organisation meets the qualification criteria for ESOS, there are a number of ways you can comply. Our infographic below can help you understand which may be best route for your organisation.

ESOS Compliance_Artboard 1 (2).png

At Inprova Energy our qualified Lead Assessors are able to support you every step of the way to ESOS compliance.

Download our eGuide or contact us today, to find out more on ESOS Phase Two and what it means for your business.