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The final countdown: 6 months to go to ESOS deadline

Get ready for Energy Tax Changes in 2019

The final countdown: 12 months to go to ESOS deadline

What are the reporting requirements of SECR?

Business must play its part as UK looks towards net zero emissions target

The Climate Change threat: How businesses can help curb global warming

Delaying on ESOS could damage your finances

Energy costs: Will they keep on going up?

Why higher energy prices shouldn't be a shock and how to manage the impact

How to take a smarter approach to energy buying

5 reasons businesses choose to work with an energy advisor

Strategic energy procurement: The value of a long-term approach

How to make energy procurement a board level issue

Are you becoming exhausted looking for your ideal energy contract?

How third party charges impact your energy bill

ESOS compliance: How to get a head start in phase two

Demystifying the Letter of Authority (LoA) for energy management

Clocks ‘spring’ forward this weekend… but does Daylight Savings Time save us energy?

Energy Awareness Training: Engage your employees with online training

Energy trading jargon busted: top terminology explained

Waiting for the one? 4 reasons not to put off your energy contract search

Managing carbon emissions: understanding the UK landscape

P350 modification to increase the North-South divide for business electricity bills

What will the end of the CRC and the simultaneous increase of CCL costs mean for your business?

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards: What building owners need to know

EII exemptions explained: Understanding the impact on your business

Autumn Budget 2017: Energy and Carbon Announcements

ESOS timeline: Stay on top of ESOS Phase Two with our infographic

ESOS: The importance of data collection and reporting

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES): a quick guide for building owners

Winter Is Here – Understanding Triad Energy Charges

DCP228: How can businesses mitigate its impact?

Theresa May commits to an energy price cap

How to untap water savings in a deregulated market

ISO 50001: A route to ESOS compliance

ESOS non-compliance: why it's a lose-lose

Get ready for ESOS Phase Two – how to comply [Infographic]?

Ofgem appoints Energy Saving Trust to distribute payments from rule-breaking energy companies to charities

DCP161 - How will changing excess capacity charges impact your energy costs?

Do you qualify for ESOS Phase Two? [Infographic]

ESOS: Environment Agency begins to issue fines for non-compliance

The Queen’s Speech 2017: a focus on energy for the coming year

ISO 50001: the backbone of successful energy performance

Election 2017: What do the parties hold in store for energy?

Energy price rises: be prepared

National Grid confirms Winter 16/17 TRIAD dates

WEXIT: What to do if your water retailer withdraws from the market

3 Ways to Save Energy in Retail

Budget 2017: where were the answers to the big energy questions?

Why Are PQQs Important When Shortlisting Energy Advisors?

Budget 2017: What impact could the red briefcase have on the energy industry?

How to Improve Your Energy Tender Process

The Benefits of Increased Water Market Competition for Businesses

How will DCP228 affect business energy bills?

5 Reasons To Start Preparing For Water Market Deregulation [Slideshare]

The UK Energy Market: 2016 in Review

Ofgem issue P272 reminder

What is DCP228 and how will it affect my business?

The Electricity Market Reform (EMR) and how to lessen its financial impact

Surviving the energy lottery - your free eGuide

How the energy industry plans to keep your machines running

Cool energy saving: how to cut energy waste from refrigeration and chilling

How low carbon generation could be fettered by barriers to investment

National Grid Winter Outlook Report 2016

Are you wasting the cashback potential of energy audits?

Time to de-risk your flexible energy procurement strategy

We go ‘back to school’ to help you choose the right energy consultant

Storm clouds gathering for UK business energy costs

What to look for when checking your energy bills

Top tips for keeping your business water efficient

Factors to consider when renewing your energy contract

3 factors that can affect your energy usage

Five types of charges that could be hiding in your fixed energy contract

Double trouble ahead for UK energy prices

Energy efficiency still on the agenda as UK sets fifth carbon budget

Three things to consider when choosing an energy partner

How to think strategically about your next energy contract

The Biggest Challenge to Managing Your Business Energy (And How to Fix It)

Capacity Market Changes set to cost your business more

Energy prices explained: What are transmission and distribution costs?

At a Glance: What Factors Make up Your Electricity Price?

Five Benefits of Demand Side Balancing Reserve You Need to Know About

How the Energy Market can ‘turn down’ through DSBR

A Short Introduction to Demand Side Balancing Response

Budget 2016: Key climate and energy announcements

What you need to know about Green Taxes on Your Energy Bills

Putting your energy into procurement

Are you paying the right amount of VAT on your electricity and gas bills?

What is the best approach to energy purchasing?

Third Party Charges: How Will These Impact My Business

A Deep Dive on Fixed Energy Contracts

Everything you need to know about flexible energy contracts

ESOS Compliance - Are you on the list?

What Elements Make Up Your Total Energy Bill?

4 Qualities to Look For in Your Energy Broker

5 Macro Factors That Can Affect Future Energy Prices

3 steps to help you prepare for your next energy contract renewal

How not to get caught out with a one-size fits none energy contract

What is the hierarchy when it comes to selecting an energy contract?

What to look for when checking your energy bills

3 Factors to Help You Manage Energy Procurement Risk

Advanced Strategies to Take Your Energy Procurement to the Next Level [Webinar]

Developing your Energy Procurement Strategy: An Intermediate Guide for Procurement Managers

The Four Routes to ESOS Compliance

How to Get Your First Break in Energy Procurement

How Does Ofgem's P272 Modification Affect Energy Contracts

How can an energy broker help you understand P272 modification

A Beginner’s Guide to P272 Modification

Everything you need to know about the role of an ESOS Lead Assessor

The roles and responsibilities of an ESOS Lead Assessor [Infographic]

Four Qualities Every Energy Management Service Should Have

Three Traits of a Strategic Energy Broker

How an energy broker can help you to reduce your energy consumption

How important is it to have an independent energy broker?

A Straightforward Guide to Understand How Triads Are Determined

5 Additional Services Your Energy Broker Should Offer to You

Do you have sufficient time to select your energy contract?

Types of energy contract - Which does your energy adviser provide?

How to avoid the pitfalls of terminating your business energy contract

Does your energy broker have a proven track record?

Are you selecting your energy contract for the right reasons?

How does your energy consultant get paid?

The truth is a fixed energy contract isn’t always fixed

Fixed vs. Flexible Energy Procurement - Understanding Energy Contracts

How will ESOS participants be required to report their compliance?

The Three Goals of Electricity Market Reform

A Beginner’s Guide to Current Green Levy Charges

3 Questions To Consider About Procurement in the Modern Energy Market

A Breakdown of Historic and Future Third Party Charges in 2014 [Video]

What does an effective energy buyer look like?

How companies set their approach to their energy strategy

How should you prepare for your energy contract renewal?

Is the UK waking up to the power of Demand Side Management?

Your Business Energy Contract: When to Buy

Renewable Energy Pitfalls: Fragmenting project responsibility

Did you meet your energy resolutions in 2014?

Six reasons to start planning ahead for your energy contract renewals

Energy Market Roundup 2014: the Year in Commercial Energy Rates

Negotiating the Best Energy Contracts

Horror Stories: Top 5 'Scariest' Energy Procurement Moves

Buying in Bulk: Energy Price Comparison For Fixed Price Energy Contracts

Transport Specific Considerations for ESOS Compliance [Infographic]

Renewing Your Energy Supply Contract: How Was It for You?

Business Energy Direct: The Challenges of Purchasing Your Own Energy

UK Wholesale Energy Prices: The Basic Drivers

A Summary of ESOS Legislation [Infographic]

Don’t Get Caught When Finding a New Energy Supplier

Understanding Electricity Market Reform (EMR)

How Is My Business Protected from Rogue Energy Brokers?

Energy Broker Solutions: What to Look for in an Energy Broker

5 reasons to consider collective energy buying

The 7 Deadly Sins of Energy Procurement

Energy Management Plan: Spread Your Risk, Not Your Brokers

National Grid Demand Side Balancing Reserve (DSBR)

Business electricity bills cut with DECC’s Electricity Demand Reduction Pilot?

Electricity Market Reform (EMR) and your energy costs

The perfect mix: how to balance the elements of your energy bill to get the best commercial energy prices

Water Update: The Water Bill receives Royal Assent

How to Manage Your Winter Energy Consumption

Moving Premises or Expanding? How to Manage the Energy Switch

5 Simple Ways to Save Energy at School

Water Update: Water Bill reaches final stages before becoming an act

Water Update: The Water Bill progresses through Parliament

Fixed or Flex? Choosing the right energy procurement contract

Rising Energy Prices: Why We’re Paying for a Sustainable Future

What Is the Climate Change Levy? Energy Prices Explained

Should We Be Concerned over the Future of Our Electricity Supply?

Energy Forecast: What Could Impact Commercial Energy Prices in 2014?

Full Competition in UK water market means more choice for businesses

Renewable Energy Pitfalls: Picking the most attractive proposition

Renewable Energy Pitfalls: Not checking Government incentives

Energy Managers Need an Energy Strategy

Renewable Energy Pitfalls to Avoid: Just getting something installed

Are energy monitoring secrets hidden in your metering data?

Five Tips for Multi Site Energy Management

Electricity Market Reform: What's the energy strategy for businesses?

Three Dangers of DIY Energy Procurement

Should business energy rates rise to support climate change targets? [POLL]

Energy Management at Naylor Industries PLC [Video]

Develop an Energy Strategy in 5 Simple Steps

Water Update: Defra publishes the Water Bill

The importance of using a reputable energy broker

Understanding your bill is the first step to control energy costs

Getting started with an ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard

Are you getting the most out of your Display Energy Certificate?

New Year Resolutions: Your Energy Efficiency Goals

Have you noticed new FiT and RO charges on your electricity bill?

How will changes to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme affect business?

Developing a ‘Carbon Management Plan’ for your business

Understanding current and future energy legislation

Water Update: Defra publishes a Draft Water Bill for market opening

Water Update: Queen’s Speech announces water market reforms

How should your business purchase energy in a volatile market?

Water Update: Defra releases water white paper 'Water for Life'

Cave Review into Water Markets published