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5 Additional Services Your Energy Broker Should Offer to You

Posted by Inprova Energy on 7 September, 2015

Did you know the value of a good energy broker isn’t just in the cost of your energy contract? It’s true! Any reputable broker should be able to offer you a range of additional services that help you to improve the way you manage your energy.


In fact, if they’re just offering you a basic procurement service, you could be missing out on opportunities to save money, reduce your consumption and to make informed decisions based on the wholesale energy market.

Here are just 5 of the core value-added additional services your energy broker should offer to you:

#1 Invoice checking and bill validation

Will the broker check your invoices once the new contract is established? Utility bills are known for being very complex; using a broker who will check and validate your invoices gives you the peace of mind that you’re only paying for what you use. Plus, if they do find any discrepancies, they’ll be able to work on your behalf to correct them with your energy supplier. 

#2 Multi-site management

Large companies with multiple locations and operations often benefit from a broker that is able to bring all energy contracts in line so that all meters have the same contract start dates.

This means negotiating larger volumes of energy at one time which will make you more favourable to energy suppliers. This will also mean less paperwork - which the broker will handle - and the ability to manage the procurement of all energy needs together instead of having several contract start dates over multiple years.

#3 Contract Renewal reminders

Knowing when your energy contract is due to be renewed is vital, if you want to make sure you can get the best contract for your needs. Your broker should record your contract renewal date and contact you well in advance of that date to begin negotiations for a new contract or to seek a different supplier.

A quality broker will start this process many months in advance in order to actively track the energy markets on your behalf and to ensure that, if you decide to change supplier, you provide the relevant notice period required by energy suppliers. 

#4 Market analysis

Does your broker have market analysts watching the wholesale energy market and can you request market intelligence reports for free? Being able to access detailed reports on the wholesale energy market will help you have a better understanding of the factors that influence the wholesale energy cost. You’ll be better positioned to respond to changes in the market and also well-informed when making essential energy contract decisions. 

#5 Complete energy management services

A quality broker will be able provide its clients with end-to-end energy services including consumption monitoring and reporting services, energy efficiency consultancy, and advice on renewable technologies. All of which will help you to better understand your energy usage and optimise the way your energy is managed. 

Additionally, if you can work with a broker that offers wider energy services, such as support on energy legislation and ongoing carbon reduction initiatives, you’ll have access to greater expertise. It saves you from having to work with multiple companies to get the same result.

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